Application and Required Documents

To initiate the admissions process, ISF must receive the completed enrollment documents. There is no application deadline, but it is recommended that the admissions process be initiated in late winter or early spring for the next school year. Applications are accepted throughout the school year until the beginning of May, subject to availability of spaces.

ISF requests that all applicants provide the current school records including transcripts, any test/exam results from the previous two years, and any psychological/neurological evaluations. These forms should be handed in to our registrar upon initiation of the admissions process in support of the application. A final admissions decision cannot be made without this information.

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Admissions Checklist

-Contact us for more information. (link to contact page)

-Schedule a school visit and tour.

-Complete and return the following documents:

  • Enrollment contract
  • Student Medical Form
  • Copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Copy of school reports from the previous two years (if applicable)

-Schedule placement tests (can be arranged before or after enrollment)

-Schedule a day visit (optional)

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Up to Grade 7 (and Grade 8 at beginning of the school year) - no knowledge of English is required for admission.

For all grades – no knowledge of German is required.

Interested in learning more about our admissions process? Download this document, or contact us directly for more information (link/download).

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