Our Wonderful Facilities

At ISF, we believe that maintaining a healthy body is as important as maintaining a healthy mind.  As such, all of our students in grades 1-9 take Physical Education (P.E.) as part of the curriculum.  Thereafter, P.E. is an elective course.

ISF boasts truly outstanding sports facilities that are used for P.E. classes as well as for numerous organized sports activities during the week and on weekends throughout the year. 

Our sports facilities include a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool where our students learn to swim and then hone their swimming techniques during P.E. lessons and where the school's various swim teams practice regularly.  Adjacent to the swimming pool are two outdoor tennis courts, which are used during P.E. lessons and after school for tennis lessons and team practice. The ISF sports faciliites include a newly-renovated shower and changing area.

The school has a very large and well-equipped sports hall which can be sub-divided for various class activities. We have a full-sized, indoor basketball court with electronic score board for official matches. Our sports hall is also eqiupped for badminton, gymnastics, indoor hockey, football, and volleyball.


Our modern, outdoor sports facilities are truly splendid. We have state-of the-art, all-weather sports fields, running track, and track and field areas. Floodlights allow our students to enjoy these facilities even during the darker winter months.

After-School Sports

After-school sports are run by the ISF Sportverein Sindlingen (the ISF Sports Club).  The Sportverein helps ISF students learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports from an early age including Kindergarten. Various sports camps are also on offer during the autumn and summer breaks.

The mission of the ISF Sportverein is to provide an enjoyable program of extracurricular activities and create an environment that nurtures and develops dedication and responsibility. The Sportverein enables ISF students to learn about sportsmanship, trust, respect, fair play, leadership, and team spirit while having great fun.

Being part of the German club system enables athletes to compete in local league games as well as competitions at local and national level. In addition, the Sportverein teams up with SLO® to offer a wide variety of after-school activities in nine different disciplines: badminton, basketball, golf, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field/cross country, and volleyball. Most Sportverein members take advantage of the school's excellent sports facilities and participate in two or three sports during the week.

In addition, Sportverein members have access to some world-class sporting facilities in the area.  These include the indoor athletics track in Frankfurt, Kalbach.


Sports for the Whole Family

Activities for the whole family include the special Sunday swim sessions, when family members have the chance to use the ISF pool for swimming lessons, swimming practice, and aqua jogging. During the winter break in February, the Sportverein organizes a family ski trip to Austria. A family golf tournament takes place in May each year with ISF family members teaming up to compete against other families.

Talented Students

For very talented and ambitious students, the ISF Sportverein has proven to be an excellent springboard for future development.  In the past, ISF athletes have transferred to prestigious local clubs like Eintracht Frankfurt. In popular team sports such as swimming and athletics, ISF students train at least three times a week and have been selected for participation on the Hessen State team in the past.

International Competition

In 2002, ISF became a member of the German Schools Sports Tournament (GISST) league, which is comprised of 12 international schools in Germany.  The ISF Sportverein coordinates the school's participation in the 36 GISST tournaments throughout Germany during the school year.

In GISST, ISF students have been very successful.  ISF won the overall GISST trophy for three years running -- 2012, 2013, and 2014, and took second place last year. During these tournaments the visiting athletes from the other German and European schools are housed overnight throughout the ISF school community.


In addition to competing actively in Germany and Europe, ISF athletes also have the opportunty to compete internationally.  Every two years a selection of ISF Sportverein athletes travels to the SABIS® Regional Tournament, which is held in different locations that have included Lebanon and the U.A.E.

Sports Camps

Each summer, ISF offers a number of sports camps during the month of July.  The sports camps include all sports, basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis. Details on this will be available in April.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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