Student Life


At ISF, we believe that maintaining a healthy body is as important as maintaining a healthy mind.  As such, all of our students in grades 1-9 take Physical Education (P.E.) as part of the curriculum.  Thereafter, P.E. is an elective course.

ISF boasts truly outstanding sports facilities that are used for P.E. classes as well as for numerous organized sports activities during the week and on weekends throughout the year.

Our sports facilities include a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool where our students learn to swim and then hone their swimming techniques during P.E. lessons and where the school's various swim teams practice regularly.  Adjacent to the swimming pool are two outdoor tennis courts, which are used during P.E. lessons and after school for tennis lessons and team practice. The ISF sports facilities include a newly-renovated shower and changing area.

The school has a very large and well-equipped sports hall which can be sub-divided for various class activities. We have a full-sized, indoor basketball court with electronic score board for official matches. Our sports hall is also equipped for badminton, gymnastics, indoor hockey, football, and volleyball.

Our modern, outdoor sports facilities are truly splendid. We have state-of the-art, all-weather sports fields, running track, and track and field areas. Floodlights allow our students to enjoy these facilities even during the darker winter months.

Are students stay involved and active through:

  • After-school sports
  • Sports for the whole family
  • International competition
  • Sports camps

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