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Parent Network

At ISF, we value and encourage the engagement of parents in our school’s community life, and we offer many opportunities for parents to contribute to enhancing their child's experience at the school.  One of these opportunities is through the Parent Network.

The goal of the Parent Network is to create a valuable channel for parents and the school to have open communication, welcome new families and help them settle into their new environment, bring together parents from diverse cultures, and help facilitate the organization of social activities and services for parents and children.

The Parent Network is comprised of elected board members, class representatives, and country representatives.

In an effort to keep the community close and the school informed and attentive to parent concerns and interests, the Parent Network has regular meetings with parents and the School Director, and sends out regular e-mails and newsletters of their activities and updates. The Parent Network also hosts “Casual Coffee” meetings throughout the year.

Through the Parent Network, ISF hopes to achieve healthy dialogue with its community and create a positive and open environment that supports the learning experience at school for everyone involved – students, parents, teachers, and staff.

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