Frequently Asked Questions


How much are the fees and what is included in them?

The ISF annual Tuition Fee and School Place Reservation Fee schedule is as follows: 2023, School Place Reservation Fee.

The tuition fees include the costs of all tuition, books, and materials as well as the cost for after-school care for students in Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Extras would include school lunches, transport, uniform, and external examination fees.

Is ISF accepted by Germany  as the official educational institution ?

Yes, we are officially approved as a school by the German authorities. According to the decree of the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of May 7, 1998, we are a state-approved supplementary school according to § 176 HSchG.

Will my child be able to attend a university in Germany?

Yes. Many students who graduate from ISF remain in Germany to attend university.  At ISF, we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and Advanced Placement courses.  Both of these routes, along with our ISF High School Diploma, allow students to enter German universities as well as universities throughout the world. ISF School Profile

How long is the school day?

The school day begins at 08:20 for students in all grade levels.  The school day ends at 15:05 for students in Kindergarten, at 15:25 for students from Preschool to Grade 4 and at 16:10 for students in Grades 5 to 12.

After the end of the school day, SLO® activities and sports are offered.  After-school care is available for students in Kindergarten to Grade 4.

How many students attend ISF?

We have around 800 students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. In most grades levels we have two or three homeroom classes, where students meet at the beginning and end of the school day.

How many nationalities are represented at ISF?

We have around 40 nationalities in ISF.  Germany, Korea, the U.S., and India have the largest representation.

What languages will my child learn at ISF?

All ISF students from Kindergarten through Grade 10 learn English and German. In Grade 6, we offer French or Spanish.  Korean native speakers may take Korean classes throughout the school, and Japanese native-speakers are offered Japanese classes from Grade 9 upwards.

Is there a bus service?

There is a shuttle bus service to most areas in Frankfurt and to outlying areas. The school is also situated conveniently near two train stations (Sindlingen on the S1 line and Zeilsheim on the S2 line).

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