Community Service Projects

Community Service Projects

At ISF, we believe that it is very important for our students to understand the importance of contributing to the local and global communities.  We stive to help our students understand that they have a privileged place in the world and as such have a responsiblity to assist those less fortunate than themselves.

The ISF Kenya Project

The ISF Kenya Project is a school-wide community service project that was establshed in 1999 to help support a primary school in Kenya.  Chitsanze Primary School is located near Mombasa in Southern Kenya. It is a co-educational school serving about 250 students from Kindergarten through Grade 8. Many people in Chitsanze live in small mud huts situated around the school. Some Chitsanze students who live in outlying areas walk for half an hour through the bush to get to school.

When ISF began supporting Chitsanze Primary School, the main Chitsanze school building was new but very small. While in the initial stages of the project, ISF donations were used for basic school operating expenses and much needed school supplies, over the years, ISF donations have helped to expand the school's facilities.  Funds provided by ISF have been used to build and furnish six additional classrooms, a staff room, a library, and an administration office.


Most recently, ISF donations have been used to build a water tank, rebuild the boys' toilets, make roof repairs, repainting, and buying first aid kits.  Current projects include the construction of a shaded area for Parent-Teacher Conferences and a fence around the entire school compound. Future projects may include establishing a water connection to the school dispensary, which will then be refurbished.

In the early years of the ISF Kenya Project, students in ISF raised funds through bake sales and raffles. Since then, ISF students, staff and parents have worked together to organize larger fundraising events such as a spell-a-thon, student benefit concerts, the Kenya Project Auction, penny races, run-a-thons, swim-a-thons, and jewellery making.

Through the ISF Kenya Project, our students have gained an important understanding of the lives of children much less fortunate than themselves.


The ISF Kenya Project e.V. is officially registered as a non-profit association. More information can be found on the Kenya Project website:

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a charity whose vision is for a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live through the elimination of housing poverty and homelessness. For several years, ISF students have worked for this charity.

ISF students raise money to buy building materials, make a contribution to the charity, and pay for their own travel and accommodation. They do this through seeking company sponsorship and via fundraising activities such as bake-sales and a large student concert in January of each year.

Our students then set off for a week to the building site and work with local builders and the recipient family to build a part of the house. In the past, our students have helped lay foundations, build roofs, plaster walls and fit windows in for families in Portugal, Poland and Romania.



SABIS Student Life Organization®: Social Responsibility Department

The Social Responsiblity Department in the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) helps students become involved in a variety of charitable causes including Earth Day and Environment Week.  The SLO® Social Responsiblity Department also organizes fundraisers for local charities such as Caritas in Germany. ISF students are also actively engaged in responding to international crises and have raised funds to help communities recover from floods and earthquakes.  Our students have raised substantial funds for local children's hospitals.

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