Student Life

Events and Trips

ISF is a busy and vibrant school and we wish to ensure that each student feels welcome in the school community.

Beginning with the Grade 1 Welcome Ceremony at the start of the school year and culminating with the graduation ceremony in Grade 12, we offer a wide range of events in which students can participate and feel part of the ISF community. Several activities and events, such as lock-ins, team-building events, and dances, all organized by the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®), encourage students to integrate and make new friends.


Cultural Events & Festivals

The International Day Festival (in November)

Sommerfest Festival (in late Spring)

Other International Cultural Events


Educational Trips & Events

School Break Trips

Weekend Trips

Student Life Training Conference

Model United Nations

Debating Society


Sports Trips & Events

Tournament Competitions

Ski Trips

SABIS® Regional Tournament

SABIS® Digital Platform