With more than 50 nationalities represented in the ISF student body, the school is a vibrant international community. Each family has a different story to tell. Below you will find some of them. We hope that you will visit ISF to find out more about us and become part of the ISF family of nations.


I like ISF because I have a huge family and all their activities are organized on one campus including music, tennis, and swimming lessons. All of my children are different and ISF has something to offer each and every one.

Williams family from UK

Great school great experience, we will always cherish . Very international and rich experience with foundations for life. Academics are also taught in a solid manner. Would really strongly recommend ISF.

Daouadji family from France

We are very thankful to ISF for all the careful assistance, support and advice. Especially the presence of the Japanese teacher was helpful for our Japanese family. If we could have a chance to come back to Frankfurt, I am sure to make my younger son come join at ISF.

Hirano family from Japan

Thank you for a wonderful education for both of my sons.

Mahzan family from Malaysia

“Our eldest daughter is part of the ISF drama club and she enjoys it very much. Performing on stage opened her mind and made her become more self-confident”

Family G., Great Britain. Daughters in G3 and G7

“My daughter keeps telling her friends that she is in the best school in the world. She wants to stay in ISF until she graduates.”

N.V., Russia. Daughter in G7

“My son learned how to overcome his fear to approach new people. He is no longer the shy boy who started at ISF a couple of years ago. He enjoys making friends and easily speaks in public. He loves his class and doesn’t want to miss school.”

J.P, India. Son in G5.

“When I first arrived at ISF, I was mesmerised by the campus and all the green surroundings. But most importantly, my son has learned to enjoy reading here and I am very happy about that. He reads all the time!”

S.S, South Korea. Son in G2

“ISF has a very good academic plan, a great sports offering, and intense international exposure from an early age. Our daughter is very happy here.”

Family M., Germany. Daughter in G2.

"We are very happy with the way ISF and the teachers have handled the situation. The online training has been very smooth and effective."

ISF Family's feedback about ISF e-learning

The last week before break was well-organized and productive for the kids, they were very focused with the online lessons. I am very happy with the Online Learning experience on Teams, and all the support from school.

ISF Family's feedback about ISF e-learning

Communication, explanations, preparations were extremely well done. The teachers were amazingly flexible, supportive and patient. It was nice for the children to receive pictures from school... Thank you for your sense of humor Dr. Lehmann!!

ISF Family's feedback about ISF e-learning

"Communicating, showing concern and empathy, anticipating problems before they arise and really trying to keep learners engaged in the school community even if they are not physically there"

ISF Family's feedback about ISF e-learning

I want to express my contentment on how the ISF is managing the start of the school year. The situation is new to all, but I can perceive a great level of coordination and preparation within the ISF to handle these new times. Thank you for the good work I have seen so far.

Ardani Medina

ISF has prepared my daughters for a lifetime of success - even in these difficult times.

Barbara Wagenbach

Thank you for everything you did to make Halloween and the Lantern Festival special for our kids. It is evident from these events, as well as from your exemplary work on a daily basis, that you are wonderful teachers who truly love children.

Kim Dobson

It was a fantastic year with ISF. We are going to miss the school. The teachers put in extra effort to bring our kid up to speed. I am really thankful to ISF.

The Karthick Family

Every teacher and staff member over the past two years has been incredible. There is a genuine care for the students. ISF has been a great asset for our son and the start of his education.

Sarah Streebin

ISF is highly preferred and loved by my 2 sons. Good campus, well-organised structure, kind teachers, abundant choices in Sportverein, very good camps, ski trips to Austria, trip to Bahrain, leave the kids and parents with beautiful memories.

Yin Fan

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