Academic Life

Student Support Services

At ISF, students benefit from ongoing follow-up and support.  Everyone involved in the learning process works together to ensure that students are engaged and making the most of their school life. Here are some of the services offered at ISF to support students on their journey to success. 

Learning Support


Learning support is an essential part of the SABIS® Educational System implemented at ISF.

Every student’s progress is monitored, and when learning gaps form, students, working together with their teachers and school administrators, can together focus their efforts on filling the gaps through additional support channels at the school.

The support is offered through:

  • Teacher-led study groups: study groups led by a teacher that meet to review important concepts taught in class.
  • Assigning Prefects & Group Leaders: Teachers may assign students important roles in the classroom that requires them to be more responsible, attentive, and confident.

Support is also offered through the Academic Department of the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) at ISF, which provides:

  • Peer tutoring: student-to-student tutoring sessions
  • Power Study Sessions: specialized groups that meet up to study for upcoming assessments together
  • Academic competitions: academic focused games that can make learning engaging and fun
  • On-Demand Tutoring videos: A set of teaching videos, narrated by students and vetted by SABIS®, explaining a variety of academic concepts

Advisory Classes


Starting from Grade 4, students at ISF have weekly advising classes designed to provide students with a safe space to discuss contemporary themes of importance to their lives.

In the earlier years, topics include peer pressure, organizational skills, personal hygiene, health and exercise, conflict resolution, problem-solving skills, time management, and exam preparation techniques.

As students reach higher classes and progress in maturity, their Advising Classes cover additional topics related to health and well-being, IT safety, cultural understanding, and interview skills as well as career and university counseling.

Student Counseling


All our students have access to counselors at the school who aim to support students individually or in groups to help them address issues they may be facing.

For new students joining our school, our counsellors take the time to meet with each individually to ensure that the transition to the new school is going well.

Health & Wellness


ISF has a number of resident nurses responsible for the medical care of students during the school day. Our nurses provide care in the case of injuries and acute illness, as well as the long-term management of students with special healthcare needs. Nurses also promote the health and safety at the school and are always available to respond to students’ health-related questions and concerns.

Our nursing staff is also equipped to manage urgent situations and emergencies.

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