Our Curriculum

The ISF Music Department  offers students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 a context within which to develop their understanding of music.   Students in grades 1 through 8 cover a general music curriculum, and students in the ISF High School have the opportunity to pursue further music studies at the IGCSE, AP®, or IB level. 

The Kindergarten to Grade 4 music curriculum follows the American elementary music textbook series, “Share the Music.”  Music classes meet at least once per week in these grades and cover age-appropriate musical concepts. Students sing and play rhythm instruments as well as learning the basics of music reading.  All students in Kindergarten to Grade 4 perform in concerts twice annually.


In Grades 5 - 7, ISF students have the chance to choose between band, chorus, or string ensembles. Grades 5-7 have weekly rehearsals and grade 8 rehearses twice a week. These ensembles are showcased at performances twice per year. Music ensembles and instruction on instruments such as guitar, keyboard, brass, woodwinds, strings, or vocal ensemble are offered as part of the SLO® activity schedule to give more students the chance to play or sing. 

In grades 8 - 9, ISF students select either music or art, and the curriculum intensifies.  Students have music class twice a week and participate in an additional practical music activities.  For this practical component, students may choose an SLO® ensemble, an outside performance group, or a private lesson.

The ISF Music Department also offers a number of music ensembles as part of SLO® as well as additional private instrumental or vocal instruction for interested students.



Music in the ISF High School is an elective and and advanced courses are offered. Grade 10 IGCSE Music follows a fixed curriculum of music theory fundamentals and non-western traditional music.  ISF 10th graders study a western musical work intensively, prepare solo and ensemble pieces on an instrument, and learn to compose.

IB Diploma and AP® Music

ISF 11th and 12th graders may choose IB Music or AP® Music Theory. Both courses meet daily to train high-level musicianship skills alongside the academic study of musical style. While AP® Music is an advanced theory course emphasizing ear-training, harmony, and music analysis, IB Music takes a more global approach as it presents musical styles in cultural context and offers students the chance to specialize in performance or composition.

ISF students have been performing on stage since 1998 when the school moved to its current site with the purpose-built theater. Talented musicians showcase their skills at the annual Sommerfest, which now includes a classical concert as well as a talent show. ISF Kindergarten and Primary School students perform twice a year at summer and winter concerts. Talented individuals are also invited to perform in front of their peers at these concerts. The ISF Music Department also organizes Salon Concerts to help musicians gain confidence in performing to a small audience.

We offer an exceptional strings program to ISF students, some of whom have successfully competed in the German regional music competition “Jugend musiziert.” Throughout the years, the ISF Music Department has also offered additional private instrumental or vocal instruction to those interested.

Every year ISF students sit music examinations from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (U.K.), frequently earning honors or distinction.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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