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Welcome to ISF!

We are looking forward to welcoming your child/ren to ISF in August. Please note the following important dates in your calendar.

August 20 (Friday)


New Family Welcome event will feature a presentation from our school director, Corina Rader, and students will get to meet their new teachers and peers. We will also have information stands from our various vendors and a BBQ to kick off the beginning of the new school year. 

August 23 (Monday)


School Year begins for Kindergarten/Preschool to Grade 12. Early start for Kindergarten/Preschool children possible from August 11 – 20. Details to follow.

August 24 (Tuesday)


School Year begins for Grade 1 with special one-hour ceremony. Family members are invited (children stay for full day).


​Below you will find links to further information about our school:


If you have not yet completed the admission process, please follow the following steps:

1. Contact us for more information. (Admissions Department)

2. Schedule a school visit and tour. (Admissions Department)

3. Complete and return the following documents (Registrar’s Office)

4. Contact us to set a date for placement testing. (Registrar’s Office) 


If you have any questions about the admission process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ISF Admissions

Registrar’s Office



Phone: 069 954319-710

Phone: 069 954319-710


We wish you a good start at ISF.


Corina Rader

School Director

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