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Here you will find links and further important information about the school. Please carefully look through the documents that may be relevant for you, as indicated in the table below. 

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*These forms are mandatory to complete and hand in at Reception
  KG & Preschool Primary School Middle School High School (Grade 9-10) High School (Grade 11-12) External General
After School Care - Extended Day Kindergarten and Preschool           X            
After School Care - Extended Day Grades 1-4            X          
Books and Supplies           X          X         X               X                X    
Calendars – Calendar of Events 2021-2022School Calendar 2021-2022, School Calendar 2022-2023                   X
COVID Testing Consent*            X         X               X                X    
E-Book Information (Grades 3 -10)            X
  (Grade 4)
        X               X      
Food Service (Sodexo) – menu.                 X  
Food Service - Application form in English, in German  


Grade 1 Schultuete            X
  (Grade 1)
Health Center Information Brochure                   X
Kindergarten and Preschool Settling in Policy           X            
Music Lessons           X          X         X               X                X    
Parent Network Letter and Application Form                 X  
Parent Network Welcome Guide                 X  
Photo Consent Form*           X          X         X               X                X    
School Day Timetable                   X
School Dress Code and pre-order form            X         X               X                X    
School Fees:  School Place Reservation Fee and Tuition and Fees Schedule 2022-2023                   X
School Online Platform and Weekly Update                   X
Sportverein (Sports Club) – Handbook, Registration                 X  
Student Parent Handbook 2021-2022*           X          X         X               X                X    
Summer School (Kindergarten, Preschool, Grades 1-6)           X          X


Transport - MC Reisen, Kleinbus ReichPublic transport                 X  


If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ISF Admissions

Registrar’s Office



Phone: 069 954319-710

Phone: 069 954319-710


Thank you for being part of the ISF community! 

Corina Rader

School Director

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