Leading in Digital Learning- In Class and Online


At ISF, students benefit from the meaningful use of modern technology to enhance their learning experience. We consider all aspects of digitalization in our approach, including not just the right hardware and software, but the digitalization of lesson content, professional development of staff and providing students with the necessary skill sets.

Digital Learning in Class

In the classroom, interactive whiteboards (IWB) are used to put content into context and bring lessons to life and students in Grade 3 onward work using tablets in class and have access to the SABIS® E-book library. Teaching is enhanced with digital features, such as glossaries, videos, and audio recordings and various tools enable a student-centered, differentiated approach and interactive learning. These tools also provide the opportunity for each student, as well as their teachers and parents, to track their progress.

Online Learning

With our advanced digital set-up, we were well equipped to switch to online learning when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In a very short space of time we were able to offer our students their full school timetable online. Following the motto “the learning never stops” we ensured that our students continued to receive a high-quality education, despite lockdown restrictions.

Our online learning opportunities go beyond an alternative way to learn during the pandemic. Our students benefit from many resources available via the SABIS® Digital Platform to support with homework and revision, for example access to e-books and on-demand tutorial videos, which complement and reinforce what they have learned in class. This also offers extended learning opportunities for students who want to dive deeper in to the lesson concepts.

Tracking Progress

At ISF we believe in formative assessment, making sure we understand the learning progress of each individual child, so that we can support them accordingly. Our digital set-up enables us to track the student’s progress efficiently and effectively. Assessment tools, such as the Interactive Learning System (ILS) and the Integrated Testing and Learning System (ITL) are seamlessly integrated into our curriculum, providing detailed information on each students’ progress and knowledge. Based on this information prep-lists are generated for each individual student, giving them specific information on what concepts they should work on, and support, for example Peer Tutoring and Study Groups, are also provided. In this way we support students at all levels of understanding, whether they are finding concepts difficult or require more challenging materials. Students are encouraged to take a leading role in their learning process and parents can also keep track of their child’s progress via the SABIS® Digital Platform.


SABIS® Digital Platform