An Active Student Life

ISF students benefit from a wide variety of extracurricular activities, providing them with opportunities to extend their passion for learning and growth outside of the classroom. Clubs and activities are extremely important for student development and wellbeing and are also a great way for students to make friends and have fun.

Developing life skills

We give students the opportunity to experience, practice and develop important life skills on their road to future success. Each department of the SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO) is managed by students and these activities are built in to the school timetable. Skills such as leadership, critical thinking, communication, perseverance, creativity and teamwork are highly desirable in today’s world and practiced every day at ISF.

Leadership skills are particularly important; learning to accept challenges, solve problems and make an impact helps students to become more focused and achieve their goals. Through taking an active role in SLO students experience how their efforts make a difference in school life, motivating them to make a difference to their world in the future.

Exploring talents

Whether students want to try out something new or hone a developed talent, our wide variety of activities offer something for everyone, both during the school day and after school. From sports to visual arts, performing arts, STEM activities, debate teams and community projects, all interests are provided for.  

Having fun

A student’s school life shouldn’t be all hard work. It’s important to find balance, relax and have fun. Our clubs and activities offer students the opportunity to do just that, while making new friends and contributing to a lifetime of memories.

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