Grades 5-8

Grades 5-8

The curriculum of the ISF Middle School offers a challenging, well-rounded program emphasising academic and personal growth. The academic coursework is integrated, sequential, and age-appropriate in skills, knowledge, and values. Academic objectives include providing a well-rounded education based on a mastery of English, German, and math and training students in logical reasoning and critical thinking while generating excitement for lifelong learning. These skills are taught in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Students completing the Middle School curriculum at ISF will have a mastery of the basic concepts and core knowledge required for Grades 9-12 (High School).


The Middle School English program at ISF develops the following skills: (1) decoding language from the printed word (phonics); (2) comprehending what is read; (3) developing an ever-expanding vocabulary; and (4) reading from multi-cultural literary sources. Our objectives in English are to instill a lifelong love of reading and to develop effective writing skills. Additionally, we strive for a mastery of grammatical structure, correct spelling, confident skills of expression, and good penmanship.

ISF Middle School students are encouraged to explore the expansive range of fiction and non-fiction books available through the Accelerated Reading program and the school's extensive library.

Intensive English

Intensive English classes are offered throughout the Middle School for non-native speakers of English to assist them in the mastery of the fundamentals of English and progress into native speaker level.


The ultimate goal of teaching mathematics is to help students develop an ability for mathematical thinking and an appreciation of the power and use of mathematics. In the SABIS® Educational System, math is considered a "language" that is applicable in all societies and cultures and a critical part of the education process.

The Middle School math curriculum at ISF provides a challenging program which is reinforced in subsequent years. The objective of the math program is to help students attain an understanding of mathematical concepts and master computational skills and problem-solving techniques that will enable them to understand the more abstract concepts in higher grades. Starting in Grade 7 students are taught algebra, set theory, and computing. In Grade 8, the study of algebra and computing is continued along with the study of geometry.



The German program in the ISF Middle School is a two-track system comprised of German for native speakers and German as a foreign language. German is required for students at all grade levels in the Middle School. Both programs provide the students with a solid background in grammatical structures, vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills. The native-speaker German course integrates the study of classical German literature starting in Grade 7.

Students new to Germany and the German language are typically able to communicate fluently in the language after three or four years in the ISF Middle School German program.


Beginning in Grade 1 and continuing throughout the next seven grade levels, the science curriculum at ISF offers students varied opportunities to become involved with basic scientific concepts, process-oriented techniques, and challenging problems for investigation. There are two major components in the curriculum: a physical sequence, guiding students through examination of the physical world, and a life sequence focusing on the biological world.

Science as a survey course is offered at ISF in grades 7-8. Students in these grades focus on the study of life, earth, physical sciences, and mathematical methods.


Social Studies

The social studies curriculum in the ISF Middle School builds upon students' understanding of topics most familiar to themselves, their families, and their communities. As students' environments expand, studies include geography and world history with local German content. Map and globe skills, the use of charts and graphs, chronology, critical thinking, and research are some of the components in the integrated-skills approach to social studies in the Middle School.

Grades 7-8 at ISF focus on the study of history from ancient civilizations to the 20th century. Students gain knowledge and understanding of these time periods through the texts used. Project work in each term allows the students to further explore areas of special interest. Additionally, local German content in history, politics, and institutions is integrated into German lessons in grades 7-8.

Other Languages

A choice of French or Spanish is offered to students in Grade 6 as an additional world language. Native Korean language classes are available to students from Grades 1 to 12.

Weekly classes in art, music, computing, and P.E. complete the curriculum in the ISF Middle School for those in Grade 5 and above. Offering students a liberal arts education, these classes encourage students to develop as well-rounded individuals. Student talent is showcased throughout the year through art exhibitions, concerts, and numerous sporting events.

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