Grades 1-4

Grades 1-4

The Primary School – Foundation for Life

The foundation for success at university and in future life is laid in the ISF Primary School (grades 1 to 4) with a curriculum emphasizing academic, social, physical, and ethical growth. Students in the ISF Primary School thrive in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

During these early years, children become more aware of themselves and the world around them. We believe that in this period if children develop a positive attitude towards learning, then the foundation for academic achievement is laid.

The ISF Primary program balances academic progress with developing social, physical, and emotional maturity. Art, music, and P.E. classes also contribute to stimulating a healthy, eager and happy attitude toward future learning.


Our World

Teaching students to become global citizens, the ISF Primary School provides students with a rich opportunity to appreciate their own and other cultures, enhanced by the multicultural ISF student body. English and math classes provide important skills for the future, while daily world language lessons in German provide an authentic context for discovery of culture and customs. A qualified staff of dedicated professionals looks after the needs of each student in the ISF Primary, and we aim to generate student excitement and curiosity for future learning.

Foundation for Academic Achievement

The ISF Primary School prepares each child for a formal school setting by introducing basic learning concepts upon which future education builds. Reading, phonics, language, mathematics, and German form the heart of the ISF Primary School curriculum. Science, social studies, and computing are integrated into the curriculum from Grade 2.

Language Development

The foundation for language development is a central focus of the ISF Primary School. In Grade 1, the "Ginn Reading" program is used to aid students in gaining fluency and confidence in reading. The SABIS® Phonics and Handwriting program, in conjunction with "Letterland," is used to teach students letter shape and formation and sound recognition. The language program expands students’ ability to communicate thoughts and feelings through theme work as well as encouraging them to contribute actively to class discussion. Songs, stories, and pictures are used to help stimulate imagination and spark curiosity.



Mathematics is a second focus in the ISF Primary School curriculum. Students learn number value and formation as well as shapes, sets, and classification along with number order and ranking. Students’ excitement in applying their mathematical skills develops as they learn how to tell the time and do addition and subtraction.

German Language

Language instruction in German either as a foreign language or as a native tongue completes the main focus of the ISF Primary School curriculum. Reinforcing what is taught in English and math, the German curriculum includes colors, numbers, letters, and sounds. Celebrating our international host country, the Primary School German program also incorporates traditional songs, rhymes, games, and festivals.

Extended Day

ISF offers an extended day care program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 both prior to and following the school day. This program provides adult supervision of the students in the morning from 8:00 until the start of the school day at 8:20 and from dismissal of the academic day at 15:05 (Kindergarten) or 15:20 (Pre-School - Grade 4) until 18:00. In the afternoon, students may also participate in a variety of other organised activities and sports.

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