Events & Trips

Events & Trips

ISF is a busy and vibrant school and we wish to ensure that each student feels welcome in the school community.

Beginning with the Grade 1 Welcome Ceremony at the start of the school year and culminating with the graduation ceremony in Grade 12, we offer a wide range of events in which students can participate and feel part of the ISF community. Several activities and events, such as lock-ins, team-building events, and dances, all organized by the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®), encourage students to integrate and make new friends.

Each year two main school festivals take place.

International Day

International Day in November allows our students to explore the cultures and customs of a number of focus countries selected from among our community of nations. The parents and students from each focus country, assisted by SLO®, decorate a large classroom with posters, maps, and artifacts from the focus country. On International Day, guests from the ISF and local communities visit each focus country room to learn more.  International Day also includes sports typical of each focus country.  Parents and students can enjoy stage performances, music, and international food at the event.





Sommerfest is held in the late spring each year and includes sports competitions, a student talent show, and “Taste of the World." Here parents from among our community of nations prepare typical national dishes which can be sampled by everyone in attendance at the Sommerfest.  Sommerfest is one of the school's most popular events.



International Cultural Events

With the help of our international parents and the ISF Parent Network, the school also celebrates several international holidays and cultural events throughout the year.  These have included Halloween, Fasching, Sinterklaas, the Russian Santa Claus, U.S. and Korean Thanksgiving, and Diwali.


SLO® Trips

Our SLO® Activities Department organizes a number of trips for students of all ages on weekends. These have included trips to Europa Park near France, ice-skating rinks, bowling alleys, and maths and science activity parks.

Each year, three of our students have the opportunity to attend the  Student Life Training Conference along with students from other SABIS® Network schools worldwide. Past locations for this camp have been Bath, U.K.; Minnesota, U.S.; Cairo, Egypt; and Athens, Greece.

Foreign Travel

Educational Trips

ISF organizes various trips for our students during school breaks. In the past these have included a French Department trip to Paris and the Cote d'Azur and art trips to Paris and Amsterdam. Our Physics Department has also organized a trip to see the Large Hardon Collider in CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Our Social Studies Department has organized trips to Malta to discover the history and culture of that island. In the summer, the U.S. has also been an attractive destination for our senior students and their teachers, who visit places of historical, cultural, and geographical interest.

Study Abroad Program – Ashwicke Hall School– UK in Bath, England

ISF students have the unique opportunity to spend one or more terms at a SABIS® Network school in Bath, England.  Ashwicke Hall School UK is a boarding school situated on 150 acres of English countryside near the world heritage city of Bath. Students enrolled in the study abroad program follow the same curriculum as at ISF and have the opportunity to benefit from a myriad of cultural activities and trips in the south of England. More information can be found under:​.

Sports Trips

Team Travel

Members of ISF sports teams travel to compete against other international schools throughout Germany and Europe as members of the German International School Sports Tournament (GISST) and the European Sports Conference (ESC).

Ski Trips

ISF organizes two ski trips during the year. The P.E Department organizes one for students and staff and the Sportverein organizes a family ski trip. Austria is typically the destination of choice.


SABIS® Regional Tournament

ISF athletes have the opportunity to attend the biennial SABIS® Regional Tournament. In the past, this tournament has been held in Dubai, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) society is one of the most popular activites for ISF students in grades 10 through 12.  ISF students who participate in MUN attend conferences throughout Europe. In the past, our teams have gone to London, Istanbul, Warsaw, Genoa and Rome.

Debating Society

The Debating Society is one of ISF's most popular clubs.  Debating Society members travel around Germany to compete in debates. One ISF student was selected as a member on the German National Debate Team and competed in the world championships held in Thailand in 2014.

Habitat for Humanity

Each year a large number of students from Grade 11 participate in Habitat for Humanity. For one week, students set off to build a part of a house for a needy family. In the past they have gone to different destinations in Poland and Portugal.

SABIS® Educational Summer Camp in Bath, England

Each year ISF students have the opportunity to attend the SABIS® Educational Summer Camp in July and August. Here students study from a choice of subjects, participate in wide range of sports, and have a host of cultural activities and trips in a wonderful boarding school environment set in 150 acres, near the world heritage city of Bath. More information can be found under:

ISF Summer Camps in July

ISF Summer School: Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School students (up to Grade 6) can enroll in the ISF Summer School, which is held in July.  Summer school includes an academic program and themed weeks on different topics in the mornings and various fun activities in the afternoons.

ISF Sportverein Sports Camps: Each summer, the ISF Sportverein (Sports Club) offers various sports camps at which students can try out their skills at various sports such as basketball, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis and track & field.

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