Visitors from Tehran

Visitors from Tehran

We were pleased to receive visitors from Tehran last week. This visit was sponsored by the Iranian Consulate here in Frankfurt.

Mr. Mahdi Amanzadeh and Mr. Shahrooz Shahbazy the Headmasters of the Middle and High School sections of the Energy school in Tehran came for a tour of ISF. The Energy School is an elite and highly selective school, educating only the most gifted student in Iran in mathematics and science and allowing them to graduate to the best Iranian universities.

Our two visitors, who were conducting a tour of Europe´s leading schools to learn about different educational methodologies, were most interested to find about our SABIS® system which has a completely different, non-selective philosophy, but still enables our students to reach the highest academic levels and progress to the best universities in the world.

Our visitors were most impressed with what they saw and learned and presented Mr. Slesser with a book about the Qashqai people, a traditionally nomadic people from Iran.

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