Visit from KAIST University Korea

Visit from KAIST University Korea

ISF recently hosted a visit by representatives of the leading Korean science and technology university of KAIST .

Our visitors from KAIST, who included the Dean of Admissions, Professor Lee, were welcomed by Mr. Slesser. Each year ISF normally sends one or two G12 graduates to attend KAIST, which offers only 50 places to international students worldwide.

Professor Lee complimented Mr. Slesser on the quality and performance of our ISF students who have gone to KAIST in the past. This is the first time that KAIST has visited ISF and our G9-12 students and parents were delighted to hear the presentation and have an opportunity to speak to Professor Lee.

KAIST is also seeking excellent English-speaking students, as all of their degrees are offered in in English, so we may find that ISF will send even more students there in the future!

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