Message From the Director: University Success for ISF Class of 2016

Message From the Director: University Success for ISF Class of 2016

Year after year, our ISF pupils gain wonderful examination results and, year after year, these results prove the great power of our SABIS® system. Each year students achieve their maximum, when we use all of the many educational tools provided by SABIS®.

This year has been no exception. It has been yet another very impressive year in terms of IGCSE, AP and IB Diploma examination results for our ISF pupils.

In the IGCSE examinations taken by our students in Grades 10+11 in twenty subjects, we recorded a 91% A-C pass rate with a remarkable 52% of our students gaining the top grades of A * or A.

In the Advanced Placement (AP) examinations taken by our students in G12, 100% scored passing grades of 3-5 compared to the world average of 60%.

In the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma examinations our students had a wonderful year.

All 65 of our registered students gained the full IB Diploma.

Our IB Diploma mean score is excellent, at 34 compared to the usual 29 average worldwide.

Our average IB Diploma points score is an impressive 5.4.

Twenty four of our students score 36 points or more, each one gaining a truly world-class IB Diploma.

Amazingly, fourteen of our students scored 40 points or more and our highest scoring student this year achieved the truly wonderul, perfect score of 45 points.

To put this IB Diploma perfect score into context, in 2015 only 216 students worldwide had a perfect score, representing 0.31% of all IB diploma candidates in the world. In 2014 there were 208 candidates with a perfect score, representing again only 0.31% of all IB Diploma candidates worldwide.

This is the third time that a student in ISF has recorded this remarkable, perfect score.

I would like to extend my congratulations to all of the pupils concerned for these outstandingly good results. My sincere thanks go to the teachers for their hard work and willingness to do everything possible to help each of their students to attain his or her maximum.


ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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