Spelling Bee Success for ISF Students

Spelling Bee Success for ISF Students The English Department was delighted when eight of our students made it to the final of the American Library’s Spelling Bee 2017 in Karlsruhe. We were even more delighted when Enya (Grade 7) won the Bee and Vipin (Grade 6) came in third place. There was an exciting spelldown for third place between Vipin and Sohaan (Grade 6).
In Sohaan’s words, “It started off really well. I came in the top three, but then I misspelled a word. I had to battle for third place with Vipin, who had got out in the same round. Then both of us got every spelling wrong for another four rounds!! And then, I got my word incorrect. Vipin got third place and I came fourth. I was quite sad. However, I was also proud, as it was my first Spelling Bee.”
The following ISF students participated in the E-Bee Round: Sai, Vipin, Guneeka. Enya, Selim, Tae Min, Sohaan and Mohul. Other students came from Otto Hahn Gymnasium, École Européenne de Strasbourg, European School Karlsruhe, College de l'Esplanada and phorms Frankfurt.
After three exciting rounds during which almost all spellers spelled their words correctly, the judges went off list; the contest went on for another five animated rounds. Enya (ISF) and a student from Otto Hahn Gymnasium were the clear first and second place winners after round eight. Vipin (ISF) and Sohaan (ISF) had a spelldown for third place. Four more rounds of nail-biting suspense proceeded until Vipin correctly spelled his word. Kudos to Sohaan for being a formidable spelling rival. Congratulations to all the finalists as well as to the three winners!
Winning words:
1. observatory
2. agriculture
3. stewardess
We would like to thank Ms Haeberlin for organising this exciting competition for our students and congratulations to our winners!
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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