Spelling Bee Fun at ISF

Spelling Bee Fun at ISF The first round of the Spelling Bee at ISF on Saturday, the 11th of March, was memorable.  The best bit was that we played games together like “Murder”, “7 Up Thumbs up” and “Win, Lose or Draw”. However, before all the fun we had our Spelling Bee test.

When everyone arrived we had our Spelling Bee test. Everybody was provided with a special pencil and a test paper. Mrs Haeberlin then opened the envelope and the test began. There were twenty words on the list and then ten bonus words. The words were clearly read out, as on the paper. First the word was read, then the definition and then its use in a sentence. After the test, Mrs Haeberlin collected all the papers and put them into an envelope to send to the American Library for correction.

Then, the fun began. We were allowed to sit with our friends to watch a movie. Since, most of us had already seen the movies recommended by the American Library we decided to watch some “Horrible Histories” instead. These were quite short, so we watched two episodes while eating our chocolate muffins and multivitamin juice. After this, my favourite part of this wonderful experience began. We decided to play games. I think that the best game was “Murder”. There is a detective and a murderer and the murderer goes around the room winking at people. The people who get winked at pretend to die and the detective’s job is to guess who the murderer is.  We laughed so much and got to interact with the other students from Grades 4 to 7. We really enjoyed ourselves and I do not think that any of the participants will forget this day or the fun we had.

By Guneeka C., Grade 7
Congratulations to the following students who made it to the final Bee competition: Sai C., Vipin C., Guneeka C., Enya C., Selim E., Tae Min S., Sohaan S. and Mohul S. The American Library had to use bonus word scores to determine the finalists - it was that close!
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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