SLO® Bonding and Training Weekend

SLO® Bonding and Training Weekend

Over the 3d weekend of October, SLO® prefects remained at school to get extra training for their upcoming jobs. They started off with a bonding game, which enabled students to learn something new about their colleagues. They then moved on to departmental planning, where many new ideas were generated and shared. A short break for pizza was had and then they continued with bonding activities.

After the quick games, students had the choice of either staying in the gym to play sports or to dance in the cafeteria. Students then slept for a few hours in a classroom. They woke up relatively early and proceeded with more activities.

Students worked in groups to create the most visually appealing and creative breakfast. They had one more session with their department, where every prefect was given clear instructions on how to use the database. Students were then divided into groups and created an advertisement for a commonly used item. We had one last meal together before students were sent home to recover.

The ideas and the work ethic that were shown were very impressive and our LSO prefects hope that you will all have the opportunity to participate in one of the events that were discussed at planned at this training weekend.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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