Science Fair at ISF

Science Fair at ISF

Where and when would you find a volcano, an air sensor an aluminium boat, and lots of cotton candy?  You guessed it - at the ISF Science Fair!

On Saturday 12th May, young scientists from ISF presented more than 11 projects. Judges questioned and quizzed, and students explained and demonstrated.  Spicy fire-storms were extinguished, a volcano erupted, and paper airplanes flew up and down the corridor. 

Competition was intense. After much deliberation, the prize-winners were decided and Ms Sinclair was proud to announce the following prize-winners:  Sai C. (1st Place), Krishaanth R. and Shriya B. (2nd Place) and Hsieh C. C. (3rd Place). 

We would like to specially thank all of the judges (Ms Jyothi, Ms Martin Martin, Ms Sacca, Ms Srivastava, Mr Zipriani). 

We also congratulate all the students who entered the competition:

Grade 5: Krishaanth R., Urvi K.

Grade 6: Shriya B., Max H., Eunto J., Gayun H., Dharini P., Annuj P.

Grade 7: Hsieh C., Scarlet K., Paris S., Nihal M.

Grade 8: Ishani B.

Grade 9: Jyotiraditya J., Akshat T.

Thank you also to  Ms Renshaw for organising this event and for finding so many budding scientists to participate.  See you all again next year!

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