Science Fair and Robotics at Sommerfest

Science Fair and Robotics at Sommerfest Where and when would you find a vacuum cleaner, a hovercraft, a hologram, and lots and lots of slime? You guessed it - at the ISF Science Fair!

On Saturday 20th May, 30 young scientists from ISF presented more than 20 projects. Judges questioned and quizzed, and students explained and demonstrated. Balloon cars zipped down the hallways and methane mamba was set alight in the laboratory.

Competition was intense.  So intense in fact, that the event was split into two different categories. In the Grade 5 and 6 category, prizes were awarded to Selim Y. (3rd place), Shriya B. (2nd place) and Annuj P. and Ankush Y.  (1st place).
The award winners in the Grade 7, 8 and 9 category were Ishan V.Jonas G. and Nitish G. (equal 2nd place) and Guneeka C. and Saneeka C. (1st place).

A special thank you to all of the judges (Dr Ovalle, Ms Reiss, Mr Sundall, Mr D’Çruz, Ms Graham, and Ms Jyothi) and congratulations to all the students who entered the competition:

Grade 5: Shriya B., Evelyn C., Thivyesh S., Jack J., Eileen Y., Euijeong L., Saneeka C.. Annuj P., Ankush Y., Seonyoung P., Sebastian L. and Max H.

Grade 6: Subin S., Chaimin K. and Selim Y.

Grade 7: Florian L., Leonard K., Shriya R., Ishani B., Ishan V., Jonas G., Guneeka C., Thenuki M. and Aneesh Y.

Grades 8 and 9: Mikhail G., Ethan C. and Joel G..

We would like to thank Ms Renshaw for organising this event and for finding so many buzzing scientists to participate.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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