Outstanding IB Diploma results at ISF in 2021

We are delighted to share this year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme results with you. The (IB) Diploma results were published this week and ISF students continue the school's tradition of excellent results even under the most difficult of challenges. The class of 2021 faced enormous disruption in their lives for more than half of their time in the IB Diploma Programme, but we’re so proud to say that the Corona pandemic did not disrupt their education.

More than 170,000 students around the world participated in the May 2021 IB Diploma examination session. While 104,275 candidates were not able to actually sit written examinations due to COVID-19 conditions this year, but rather were awarded their results via the Non-Exam Route offered by the IBO, ISF Diploma Programme candidates were among the 65,576 students worldwide who were able to sit their actual IB final examinations in May.                                       

Of the forty-three ISF students who attempted their IB Diploma, forty-two were awarded the full diploma (pass rate of 98%). Twenty-three students met the criteria of native or near-native fluency in at least two languages to be awarded a Bilingual Diploma (55%). Four students achieved this year’s high score of 44 out of 45 possible points, with fourteen others scoring 40+ points. These eighteen students represent 43% of all IB Diplomas awarded this year. An additional twenty students achieved a score between 30 and 39 points (48%) and four students scored between 24 and 29 points (9%).

Twenty-three candidates also met full German Abitur equivalency standards with their IB Diplomas, achieving a 1,9 Abitur score average. Twelve students (52%) achieved an Abitur score of 1,9 or higher, with six students (26%) achieving a top score of 1,0.

Our students also consistently achieved markedly better results than the worldwide average:

  Worldwide Average ISF Average
Diploma Pass Rate 88.96% 98%
Average DP Score   33.02 37.5
Average Subject Grade  5.19  5.95
Candidates achieving 40-45 Points 19% 43%





We are extremely proud of our students’ results this year; with our average point score of 37.5 points being once again well above the world average of 33.02 points. Overall, our ISF students have done exceptionally well in the IB Diploma and we would like to thank everyone involved: the students for working so hard, adjusting to change and making the best of the situation, the parents and families for their support, both practically and emotionally, and the teachers for their remarkable dedication and the energy they invest in our school and our students every day.

With their results, our graduating students are moving on to top universities throughout the world. We look forward to following their progress throughout their successful careers in the future.

Well done ISF!



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