Korean Thanksgiving Day - Chuseok

Korean Thanksgiving Day - Chuseok

On Friday 25th September, our Korean community shared Chuseok-Korean Thanksgiving Day with the rest of the school. Our Korean parents and children dressed in Hanbok - their beautiful, traditional Korean costumes and we were able to see wonderful examples of Korean art and handicrafts displayed in the school foyer.

We were delighted also to be able to sample Korean delicacies including Songpyeon, the special rice cake made for Chuseok, and drink some Korean tea.

Students were also able to play some traditional Korean games and listen to our amazing Korean Drum group who performed twice to the great acclaim of the enthusiastic audience.

It was a wonderful occasion and we would like to thank very warmly all of our Korean parents and students and particularly the Korean Parent Network members for organising this beautiful and memorable event.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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