KAIST visited ISF

Last Friday- 9th of September- ISF had the honor of welcoming two university admissions representatives from KAIST(Korea’s top Science and Technology universities). KAIST is rated #1 on Thomas Reuters Most Innovative Universities in Asia and 11th in the World. ISF students apply to KAIST nearly every year, with a very high acceptance rate of 62.5%.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about KAIST, get motivated to study, and for ISF to show our excellent educational environment and level. Over 60 students and 30 parents participated in the presentation. Admissions officers said they were impressed by how concentrated and how smart the questions our students asked them were. They also mentioned the very warm and friendly welcome they received from Ms. Corina Rader and Mr. Roger Williams. The admissions officers expressed great satisfaction with the results of the visit.

Many thanks to Ms. Su Eun Seong, our Korean University Counselor and Korean Head of Department, and Mr. Williams, our University Counselling Coordinator, for organizing the event. ISF plans to continue actively promoting such meetings for Korean students and their parents.


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