Junior Debate Team

Junior Debate Team

On Friday the 22nd of April, ISF’s Junior Debate Team travelled to Stuttgart for their latest competition. Three members participated in the event: veteran debater Chinmay G., as well as newcomers Ajla K. and Leni L., for whom this was their first debate.

In the first debate of the afternoon against Scholl Ulm, the team had to prepare an impromptu debate on the topic: “This house would abolish religious education at school”. After a remarkable performance by all three debaters, ISF won the debate with a unanimous 3-0 victory. ISF moved on with an undefeated record of 5-0 on the season.

The second debate of the evening featured the two undefeated schools, ISF and Olga-Stift Stuttgart, facing off in the prepared motion, “This house would monitor their children’s online and mobile communications”. The ISF debaters brought forth an impressive argument, which was met by an equally impressive opponent. When all was said and done, Olga Stift Stuttgart walked away victorious by a narrow margin.

Chinmay, Ajla, and Leni should all be congratulated on their incredible job representing ISF!

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