ISF World Challenge to Northern India, July 2017

ISF World Challenge to Northern India, July 2017 “The expedition to India was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.” (Kim-Carolin V.)
Early on Saturday 1st July, when most students were enjoying their first lazy morning of the summer vacation, eleven ISF students, two ISF staff, and a World Challenge leader, departed from Frankfurt Airport on a long-awaited expedition to India.  In store was a two-week adventure based in the majestic Uttarakhand area of the Himalayan foothills and in the hectic city of Agra on the north Indian plains. 

A World Challenge expedition consists of three components:  A trek, a community project, and, of course, some ‘rest and relaxation’.  This is a very perfect combination but a lot to fit into a two-week adventure. 

During our trekking phase, we journeyed through a beautiful area of the mountains in the region of the hill station of Nainital.  We glimpsed the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, chatted with a solitary Sadhu, and visited a hill-top temple.  At times we were accompanied by far too many leeches, but there was still time in between to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the mountains. The project phase of the expedition was based in a small village community where the villagers needed support in water collection and burning rubbish.  We carried piping and bricks, sang and played with the local school children, admired wedding photographs, and experienced daily life in a mountain village.  The grand finale ‘rest and relaxation’ phase was the journey to Agra and a visit to the world famous Taj Mahal - a wonderful way to end the trip.

 “Going to India showed me how lucky we all are to be able to do what we do every day.” (Nelia S.)

Not only did these ISF students raise funds for the expedition and plan their itinerary beforehand, but they also led the expedition whilst they were away. They managed their budget, booked transport and accommodation, negotiated for bargains, and found their way around. The World Challenge organisation provided the overall structure and background support for the expedition, but the students took on the ownership for the expedition and were responsible for an amazingly successful trip.

We would like to thank Ms Renshaw for introducing ISF to the World Challenge and for assisting the students in organising their trip to India.
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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