ISF Successful at SABIS® Regional Tournament

ISF Successful at SABIS® Regional Tournament Over 1,000 athletes from 32 SABIS® schools around the world attended the 11th SABIS® Regional Tournament which ran from the 19th to the 24th of April at The International School of Choueifat-Muscat, a SABIS® Network school located in Muscat, Oman. Students travelled from 13 different countries, including Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Germany, Jordan, Kurdistan-Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Romania, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.
This biannual international sporting competition brings together teams of athletes to compete, celebrate diversity, and to make new lasting friendships. Students interacted with their peers and competed in a range of sports, including swimming, basketball, soccer, sprint, relay, and long jump.
19 of ISF’s top athletes supported their school and country by taking part in this event. At the start of the tournaments, the ISF students had the chance to explore the cultural sights in the Omani capital and interact with the local population. The tournament was then opened with a grand opening ceremony featuring the Omani royal family and a military band.
ISF competed in Track & Field and Swimming. In these disciplines, our student athletes excelled, with virtually all of our participants making the finals in their events.
Two ISF students made it to the medal stand; with Khalifa A. taking gold in the 400 m U16 Boys Sprint breaking the U16 400m Sprint record and Isabelle Knoch earning silver in the Girls U16 Long Jump.
At the U12 level, the following 8 students from the school participated; Ada Nur A. (Girls 60m Sprint), Samantha F. (Girls 60m Sprint & U16 Relay), Nick F. (Boys 60m Sprint), Egor S. (Boys 60m Sprint), Florian L. (Boys Swimming & Relay), Leonard K. (Boys Swimming & Relay), Guneeka C. (Girls Swimming & Relay), and Sanneka C. (Girls Swimming & Relay).
Our U16 participants were Samir R. (100 m Boys Sprint & Relay), Jooho K. (100m Boys Sprint & Relay), Sean F. (400m Boys Sprint, Relay & Long Jump), Khalifa A. (400m Boys Sprint, Relay & Long Jump), Veronika S. (100m Girls Sprint, Relay & Long Jump), Isabella K. (400m Sprint, Long Jump & Relay), Thea H. (400m Sprint & Relay), Kansuke Y. (Boys Swimming & Relay), Chaehyeong A. (Boys Swimming & Relay), Jacinthe G. (Girls Swimming & Relay), and Joelle G. (Girls swimming & Relay).
ISF now holds two SABIS® Regional Tournament records:
UNDER 16 Boys 400M SPRINT, Khalifa A. (OMAN 2017)
We would like to thank and congratulate all of our athletes and our coaches, Mr Morton, Uli Groh and Rainer Groh, as well as the parents who travelled to supporting us in the 11th SABIS® Regional Tournament. And what a tournament it was!
Stay tuned in on over the following weeks where SABIS will be publishing more photos and videos to be treasured forever!
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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