ISF Student Experiences Radio Talk Show 2023

ISF Grade 11 student and leader of the ISF News team Max had the opportunity to go to the Frankfurt Radio studio. He met Armand Zorn, Member of the German Bundestag, and Stefan Dr. Soehngen  Executive Partner at Relationing, who were that day's episode guests on Frankfurt Talk. Max had an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of producing a radio talk show. Thank you to the Newcomers Network for this wonderful experience!

“Radio Frankfurt is located in the Skyline Studios in Frankfurt am Main. The office has a 360 degree view which is overwhelming. Not only was this the first time I have been to a radio station but then being welcomed by very nice people who were trying to show everything to me was awesome. Having the opportunity to have a look on how a politician like Armand Zorn is being interviewed and having the opportunity to have a small talk with everyone on set was a very exciting thing to do!”

--Max Bucksch Grade 11 

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