ISF Student Experiences Radio Talk Show

ISF Grade 11 student and member of the ISF News team Ateeksh had the opportunity to go to the Frankfurt Radio studio. He met Adnan Shaikh, mayor of Eschborn, and Dr. Stefan Söhngen, Executive Partner at Relationing, who were that day's episode guests on Frankfurt Talk. Ateeksh had an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of producing a radio talk show. Thank you to the Newcomers Network for this wonderful experience!
 “It was the first time I had this sort of an experience - going behind the scenes of a talk show. Mr. Shaikh talked about his childhood, how it was for him growing up in Frankfurt, and his road to becoming the mayor of one of the major cities in Hessen. All of what he said was really inspiring for me. He even shared his future plans for Eschborn, and big changes he would like to bring to the city. It was interesting to hear all of this. This was also a great opportunity to learn how the production of the talk show is run. I would like to thank my school for giving me this opportunity. It was definitely a very interesting and fun experience for me!”
-Ateeksh Luthra


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