ISF IB Students complete Group 4 Science Project

ISF IB Students complete Group 4 Science Project

What is energy? Putting together all the hard work and effort that you have exerted these past two years, can you define the concept of energy? How does it affect your daily life and the world around you?

This was the focus of this year’s Grade 12 IB Group 4 Science Project. Students currently taking Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science worked collaboratively to explore the concept of energy. The IB Group 4 Science Project is part of the IB science curriculum and aims to bring together the topics and preconceptions of the various disciplines that belong under the scientific umbrella to explore a common theme; in this case the notion of energy.

The project was completed in different sessions:

  1. Investigation of the topics related to the main theme
  2. Symposium style presentation of the results

The participating students were split into nine groups. Each group was assigned a teacher supervisor and received specific equipment they could use to guide them in their investigation. As part of the investigation phase, each group then developed a relevant research question, designed an appropriate experiment to address the research question, collected and processed all data gathered, and drew and analysed the relevant conclusions. Students then summarized their findings. Last week, each group presented their findings to two other groups and to a panel of three of our science teachers.
The key to successful completion of this project was the positive attitude, constructive collaboration and efficiency of all participants. 

A big Thank You to all of our ISF IB Science teachers who assisted our students in this project!

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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