ISF Debating Society

ISF Debating Society

Because of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the ceasefire not being upheld and basic human rights being violated- help is needed. Fast.  Last weekend five upper secondary students took it upon themselves to try to find a solution to this and other issues our world faces today.

Susie J. (G11), Thilo G. (G11), Amelie H (G11), Lucas B (G10) and Andy J. (G10) travelled to Vaihingen-Enz accompanied by their Debating coaches Ms B. and Mr B. for the German Debating Society’s Senior League Final 2015. The quarterfinal debate on “This House would increase pressure on Russia” was won as side proposition. The team’s main idea, as they were representing countries that had imposed sanctions on Russia, was “If there are people suffering and you have the opportunity to help, this opportunity becomes an obligation”. Since the debate was won, the team was able to compete in the semi-finals that took place after a short lunch break on the topic “This House welcomes TTIP”. This time the ISF Debaters represented the opposing side. This motion was also won. This brought them into the finals, in which it was debated whether one should impose lower taxes and get rid of excessive public services, or not. It was a very heated and lively debate that in the end went to the proposing side from the Max-Born Gymnasium in Backnang. Nonetheless, the debaters from the “ISF Debating Society” represented their school extremely well and went home with a beautiful “runner’s-up” trophy.

It was a very successful weekend and a wonderful end to a fun year of debating. The Debating Society is already looking forward to next year! If you would like to join us we have an SLO® Activity for Lower Secondary, and the Upper Secondary students meet every Thursday after school! Why not come and watch or participate?

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