ISF 2022 External Exam Results



Congratulations to our Class of May 2022 on your excellent IB results! Once again, ISF students displayed persistence, resilience and fortitude to navigate a full 2-year programme under the challenges of a global pandemic, achieved the amazing results with an average points score of 34 - well above the world average of 31.98.

We are proud to be a non-selective school who gives all students the opportunity for success in the IB Diploma Programme. We are especially proud of our students’ achievements. The highest individual point score achieved at ISF was an impressive 43 out of a possible 45, Impressively, 63% were awarded the much-desired Bilingual Diploma, compared with an average of 27% worldwide. These students achieved excellent results in German, Spanish,Japanese, and Korean Language & Literature courses in addition to English - a reflection of our expertise in delivering a multilingual education.

The majority of ISF students wishing to pursue studies at a German university do so by earning the full IB Diploma. This qualifies ISF graduates for general admission to any German university faculty or subject, and as long as certain criteria are fulfilled, ISF students can obtain an “Abitur” equivalent from the Ministry of Culture in Wiesbaden with their IB Diploma.

In the IGCSE examinations taken by our students in Grades 10+11 in twelve subjects, we recorded a 97% score of A*-C rate with a remarkable 57% of our students gaining the top grades of A * or A. Top scores A* were achieved 36 times.

We are also delighted to announce that our students’ Advance Placement (AP) exam scores continue to be on the rise

ISF students demonstrated that belief in one's self, hard-work and maintaining a healthy balance in life, results in both strong academic achievement and preparation for life's challenges. It is these personal qualities and skills combined that will take you far.

The future is bright and beautiful, love it , strive for it and work for it!

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