International Visitors come to ISF

International Visitors come to ISF One of the great joys and privileges  of being part of part of an international school is that, each day, one can have exchanges with students, parents and staff, who together represent more than fifty nationalities. In this period where nationalism and xenophobia seem to be on the increase, it is important for all of us to celebrate the achievements and cultural richness and diversity of our international community.

​We are also fortunate that visitors from all over the world come to see our school and exchange ideas . Last week Mr. Slesser welcomed
Professor Doctor Takehiko R. Saito, a very distinguished Japanese academic, who is  a tenured Professor of Physics in  Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz and a leader of  ground-breaking research in the world famous GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt. 
Professor Saito lived in Denmark before moving to Germany and he spoke to our Japanese students about the benefits they are receiving through their international education. He told them how important it is for the young people of today to be open to international exchange and understanding. Professor Saito speaks also to students in Japan on the same themes. We hope that a Professor Saito will return to ISF again to speak to our science students about his work and his research projects.
Later in the week Mr. Slesser was very happy to welcome Mr. Hatami and Mr Ghanbari from the Iranian Ministry of Education in Iran.  They came to visit ISF, under the auspices of a delegation from the Iranian Consulate in Frankfurt. Mr. Hatami and Mr Ghanbari mission was to find the best educational ideas worldwide. They were most interested to hear about ISF and about the SABIS® system. Mr. Slesser was very happy to exchange ideas with them and he presented Mt Hatami with a copy of, “From Village School to Global Brand. Changing the World through Education”, the excellent study of the SABIS® system written by James Tooley, Professor in Newcastle University in England.   Mr. Hatami and Mr Ghanbari were very impressed by what they saw and heard in ISF and were grateful for the opportunity to see a leading international school in action.
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