High School Bonding Trip

Last week, Tuesday 30th August, our Grade 9 students went to Wiesbaden and Grade 10 students to Frankfurt to bond together as a class completing a city rally. They had the chance to bond and explore these two beautiful cities through solving puzzles. A special, enjoyable and smart city challenge! The day started meeting at their homeroom, where they were informed about the schedule for the day and formed different teams to complete the circuit. Afterwards, they went to their respective destinations by train, picked up the necessary equipment... and ready to go! 
-G9/G10 Coordinator: Ms. Martin Martin

A warm welcome to all new and returning Grade 11 and 12 students and parents! I am looking forward to an exciting and successful new academic year.
Our Grade 11 students are taking another big step on their educational journey by entering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). I will be discussing expectations and important details with all students during their regular assemblies in the coming weeks, and with all parents on Tuesday afternoon at 16:30h with all interested parents.
Our future ISF Class of 2023 have entered the final nine months of their High School career and are embarking on a busy, likely stressful, but also in the end very rewarding journey towards graduation on 10 June 2023, excellent AP and IB results, and hopefully also admission to the university of their dreams next Fall or thereafter
After a First Day of School on Monday, filled with catching up with friends after a long summer break, meeting new classmates, receiving new books and a lot of important information, all Grade 11 and 12 students spent the day on Tuesday with team building and bonding events.
Grade 11 spent the day getting to know Frankfurt and one another a lot better during a digital scavenger hunt. Supported by their Homeroom teachers, students bonded by splitting up into teams and exploring the city by following clues and solving different puzzles and tasks in a competition to collect the most points along the way.
Our Senior students started the day on Tuesday by welcoming our First Graders to their first day at ISF. At the beginning of the welcome ceremony, reminiscent of the flag ceremony, which is part of our Graduation, they paraded the 14 flags representing the nationalities of our newest ISF students to the stage. At the conclusion of the ceremony, they paired up with one of the First Graders to escorting them to their homerooms. There is a wonderful little video clip on the schools Facebook or Instagram page.
After a relaxed early lunch in the Study Hall and on the SLO Patio, they all went with their Homeroom teachers into town to practice their problem solving and team work skills in an escape room.
Our seniors continued with their busy Week 1 on Wednesday morning with a senior Breakfast, followed by an Week One Assembly and university application preparation before finally getting back into the classroom in the afternoon.
All Grade 12 IB2 parents are invited to receive the same information we covered during this assembly in our Grade 12 IB 2 Parent Information Meeting on Monday afternoon at 16:30h. Since AP students do not have to meet the same assessment requirements as IBDP students do, AP parents - while certainly welcome to attend as well - will get all relevant information from me individually.
-G11/G12 Coordinator:  Dr. Lehmann

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