Grade 9 & 10 Student Bonding Events

Grade 9 & 10 Student Bonding Events

Over the last two week students in Grades 9 and 10 have spent a day in the Sportpark Kelkheim, where they were involved in team-building and bonding activities. They were given the opportunity to test their daring on the climbing apparatus; their skills at archery and their ability to work together during various team-building exercises . These tasks outside of the classroom were designed to allow them to work as a team to solve problems and overcome obstacles, under the guidance of the expert Sportpark Kelkheim staff.

Not only was the weather perfect for these events, but our students performed in an outstanding manner and were praised by all for their abilities and their character. These off-campus team team-building events have provided a great start to the school year for our students and have enabled them to get to know each other in a very positive manner. We look forward to having a great year with these students.

We would like to thank Mr. May and his team of teachers for providing guidance and support for our students during these exciting activities.

ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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