Grade 8 Gutenberg Museum Field Trip

The 8th grade field trip to the Gutenberg Museum was an unforgettable experience.
The immersive activities intrigued the entirety of the grade and the teachers and chaperones.
The opportunity to learn about such a great man was a fascinating chance for us to expand our knowledge about the great Johannes Gutenberg. The hands-on experience was by far the most intriguing experience as we used models of the printing press to make beautiful pieces of art. While some of us experienced a jaw-dropping visual representation of how a printing press works, others were out in the city of Mainz finding clues and solving the mysterious
puzzle. At the end of the day, we learned how one creative idea can change history forever.
The entirety of grade 8 would like to thank Mrs.Seimetz, Mr.McDaniel, Mrs.Haeberlin,
Mrs.Chugh, Mrs.Schutt, Mrs. Rader, Mr.Sangoor-Rye, and Mr.Bond for taking care of us for the entire trip.

- Tejashavi Raj 8B

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