GOMUN is all went in Prague !

GOMUN is all went in Prague early this month! The delegates first attended the Opening Ceremony, where discussion centred around the Middle-Eastern Cold War. Ice-breakers and committee dinners then completed the programme for Day 1.

Day 2 is now underway with all delegates in their committees. Each committee has two topics of discussion that the delegates have researched. The aim is to write - and pass - a UN style resolution that will help to address the issues they are debating.

ISF students are representing a wide range of countries - including Ukraine, Morocco, and Somalia - across six different UN committees. We hope their debates go well!

Day 2 continued with committee negotiations. The delegates grew more confident in their persuasive abilities and knowledge of UN jargon - POIs, dividing the house, establishing quorum - which helped them to form alliances and agree on resolutions.

We finished the day with some free time exploring the city, including a visit to Prague Castle, and a delegation dinner at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant.

Day 3 marked the second day of committee sessions and a change to new topics. With the committees covering topics such as deforestation, organ trafficking, guidelines for military interventions and the legality of abortion, there was a great deal up for discussion.

Day 4 was the General Assembly, where all delegates representing all countries gathered together to discuss the resolutions they had created. There was some quite heated cross-floor debate and very cleverly worded questions were utilised, as countries tried to ensure that their views were the ones that would take centre stage.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at the conference and are having difficulty readjusting to a world where diplomatic jargon is not used regularly. Thank-you to everyone who supported us and made the trip possible! Planning for the next one is already underway ...


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