From Beijing to Washington: ISF Student Attends Inauguration of the 45th US President

From Beijing to Washington: ISF Student Attends Inauguration of the 45th US President In the summer of 2016, one of our ISF G11 students, Louise G., took part in the Global Young Leaders Conference held in China. During this ten-day programme, Louise visited a number of magnificent cultural sites in China in Beijing, Hangzhou and Shanghai, but, more importantly, she learnt a great deal about what it takes to be a leader in today`s complicated world.

Louise was able to hear speeches given by many successful Chinese leaders. In addition, Louise took part in a conference where the theme of water scarcity was debated from the perspective of current world leaders. The aim was to try to solve this huge problem for the common good of humanity.

On the last day of the Conference, delegates were able to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Beijing. There Louise heard speakers from the Chinese Government Department that formulates policies regarding the USA. Chinese Government representatives presented the official Chinese Government analysis of the current relationship between China and the USA.
After participating in this summer programme the student delegates were invited to witness history in action, in the shape of the 45th US Presidential Inauguration in January.

In January 2017, Louise boarded a plane that took her to another unforgettable experience. On the day of the Presidential Inauguration, she had the great honour to witness history in the making. Louise felt that being present was completely different from watching such an event on television because she could sense the enthusiasm of the crowd. She also felt that the atmosphere of such a historic event could not be imagined unless one was a participant, if only in in some small way.

On her last day in the USA Louise had the great honour to meet some distinguished, world-famous people including Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and her father. Malala and her father spoke about her wonderful campaign to gain education rights for girls in Pakistan.  Louise also met General Colin Powell, the former Secretary of States of the USA. He spoke about the essentials of leadership, and how one should never hesitate to dream about a bright future and make every day a step nearer to it. 

These experiences have made a huge impression on Louise.  She is very thankful to her parents for providing her with these opportunities and for giving her the chance to broaden her world vision. Finally, Louise would like to thank ISF, her school, because she feels that if it were not for her time in ISF, she would not have been offered the chance to participate in these life-changing experiences.
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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