ISF partificated FIS Changemakers Conference 2023

The FIS Changemakers Conference 2023 was a really great and inspiring event. ISF was one of over 20 schools from around Europe that was invited. It was my honor to be on the team representing our school and take part in the event with over 250 participants. Overall, the atmosphere was really interesting and vibrant. 

There were many inspirational speakers, including a 6th grader who built over 100 toilets for people in need, the former CEO of Opel, a food activist and a pair of friends from Rwanda who brought water and medical care to their village. It was a very eye opening experience as many shared their personal backgrounds and what led them to be a changemaker. 

I was one of the fortunate people to conduct a workshop of my own. It was a full session with over 15 people attending. Some other workshops included a scavenger hunt around the school and a demonstration using a Van de Graaf generator. We learned a lot, are inspired to become changemakers, and had a lot of fun.


written by Arnav Danish G11

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