Grade 12 Student Receives Conditional Offer from Prestigious Istituto Marangoni, Milan

In a remarkable achievement for our community, our Grade 12 student Chaejeong, has received a conditional offer from the esteemed Istituto Marangoni in Milan, a world-renowned school specializing in design. The offer, contingent only on the completion of her high school diploma,

Istituto Marangoni, with a history of nurturing some of the most brilliant minds in design, fashion, and art, is known for its rigorous selection criteria, making this offer a significant milestone. The student’s journey to this point reflects her dedication, creativity, and the high standard of education she received at ISF.

Our community are brimming with pride and anticipation as we watch one of our own embark on a journey that promises to be filled with innovation, learning, and success at one of the world’s top design schools.

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