ECIS Teacher Award


As a member of ECIS (the Education Collaborative for International Schools), we can nominate members of our community to receive awards each year for their contribution to ISF and our international community.

The third and final award we should like to share with you this year is the teacher award: The ECIS Award for the Promotion of International Education. With an extremely turbulent year behind us and so many examples of teachers who went above and beyond to provide the best education for their students in very challenging circumstances, it was of course extremely difficult to pick one winner. So we let the teachers decide.

As voted by the ISF Staff, the ECIS Teacher Award for the Promotion of International Education goes to…

Nadia Pashkevich!

Nadia joined ISF two years ago as a Grade 3 teacher for the subjects of English, Maths, Science and Social Studies. But her connection with ISF goes back much further than that, having been a student at ISF herself! After graduating from ISF she gained a Bachelor degree in Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status, as well as a Masters in Education, both from Brighton University in the UK.

Staff at ISF value Nadia as a colleague for her positive attitude and the efforts she goes to to provide her students with the best education possible. During lockdown, Nadia fully embraced online learning, finding great ways to engage the students and ensure they still received high-quality education, despite the challenging circumstances. Although Nadia and her class still prefer to be in school together, there are some aspects of remote learning that they will continue to enjoy in the classroom. “There are some incredible resources that make learning more engaging as each student can work at their own pace on common concepts. I’m a big fan!” she said.

Not only is Nadia a highly professional teacher and great person to work with, she also perfectly represents the qualities set out in the ECIAS Promotion of International Education Award. With German/American heritage, growing up in Yemen and visiting multiple international schools, promoting and enhancing international education, as well as fostering a positive rapport and understanding between and among the culturally diverse students, staff and parents, comes as second nature to her.

“We would have like to give each and every one of our staff an award for their dedication and hard work over the very challenging school year, but there could only be one winner.” said Corina Rader, School Director at ISF. “Nadia is a very deserving candidate for the award. We are so proud to have her as part of the ISF family and look forward to her inspiring us even more in the future!” 

Well done Nadia! As the saying goes “bleib wie du bist” (stay just as you are).

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