Celebrating 25 years of ISF! Issue 2: ISF Parent Network

We celebrate Parent Network for:

  • Enhancing the connection between the school and parents
  • Enriching our community and embracing diversity with activities and events
  • Making everyone welcome and supporting new families

Three years after ISF had been established, seven ISF parents coordinated and set up the ISF Parent Network e.V. – a body to provide connectedness between parents and the school.  As the school grew and evolved, so has the Parent Network.  Today it consists of a board of 18 volunteer members (each school grade represented), along with class representatives, and country representatives.

The Parent Network strives to create a valuable channel for parents and the school to have open communication, welcome new families and help them settle into their new environment, bring together parents from diverse cultures, and help facilitate the organization of social activities and services for parents and students.

Celebrating events and diversity

Working with both the school and the wider parent community, fun activities such as Halloween and Fasching parties are organized, celebratory decorations around the school are undertaken, bake sales and community get-togethers are held (such as PN Casual Coffee mornings), along with supporting our international communities as they provide a taste of their home country celebrations on campus for us all to learn about and enjoy. In an effort to keep the community close, and the school informed of parent concerns and interests, the Parent Network has regular meetings with the School Director.

Everyone is welcome

We are a convivial and welcoming group.   You would be most welcome to join us to help with our activities or attend the community events. Any contribution, no matter how large or small, is always appreciated.  Introduce yourself to us, come along and make friendships; have a giggle whilst preparing on-campus events; meet other parents whilst supporting class field trips; and mix and mingle with other parents at the termly PN Casual Coffee mornings.   Together we are one community and we can make a difference through a positive and open environment that supports the learning experience at school for everyone involved – students, parents, teachers, and staff.

If you would like to know more about the PN, please email parentnetwork@ISF-sabis.net and we will be in contact with you.

Look out for the next issue of Celebrating 25 years of ISF! Coming next: the wonderful ISF Staff.

Get onboard

Would you like to get more involved in the Parent Network? We are looking for volunteers in various positions on the board for the next academic year, including the PN President role. Playing an active role in the Parent Network can be really rewarding; take a look at what our current PN board parents have to say below and contact us at parentnetwork@ISF-sabis.net.

Comments from current PN board parents

Parent Network gave me an opportunity to connect with many parents of different communities and learn about their culture. Most importantly it makes me feel more involved in my child’s schooling as we get to plan and be part of various events in school.  Gurpreet, Grade 2 Parent

Being creative and part of the PN team committed to help and support the ISF Community is most enjoyable.  Rachael, Grade 11 Parent

Being a part of the ISF parent network lets me get in touch with other parents, exchange ideas and stay in closer contact with the school. It also lets me enjoy creating and being part of great activities that enrich the students every day school lives. Christine, Grade 7 & 8 Parent

I enjoy being hands-on with school celebrations and events. Volunteering helps me to feel more connected with the school community. Kim, PN Secretary & Preschool and Grade 2 Parent

We are trying to create a variety of activities to increase our children´s knowledge of their environment. By doing so, school becomes a family for them, something that they belong to. Parent Network assures that no student gets left behind or forgotten.   Mutlu, PN Vice President & Grade 2 Parent

Joining the school at senior school level, the Parent Network offered a welcoming community to join and participate in.  Strong friendships and lots of laughter have resulted whilst creating learning and fun times for all our community.  Sharon, Grade 12 Parent & PN President

Being part of the Parent Network has given me a chance to meet parents/families from all around the world. I have enjoyed being part of the team and organising some of the most wonderful events for the children. I have made many good friends along the way. I would like to thank the PN for the wonderful time that I have working together with all of them. Sree, Grade 7 Parent & PN International/PR Rep



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