Celebrating 25 years of ISF! Issue 1: ISF and SABIS

We celebrate SABIS® for:

This academic year, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of ISF, but the story of ISF’s connection to SABIS® starts way before that. Before a new school can invite students for their first day there is, of course, a considerable amount of preparation necessary.

How ISF and SABIS® came to Frankfurt

The very first seed in the ISF story was planted back in 1989 when Frankfurt was analyzing its chances of being chosen as the location for the European Monetary Institute, which was later superseded by the European Central Bank. International school capacity was essential to ensure Frankfurt could offer interesting opportunities to international companies and their employees. The Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce, the State of Hesse and the Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH took the lead in endeavoring to expand international school capacity in the area. In collaboration with 13 corporations and after various considerations, in 1993 they made the decision to establish a new school in Sindlingen. 

In the search for the right school model, SABIS® came under consideration after a visit to the International School of Minnesota. At that time, SABIS® was operating 9 schools globally and had a convincing proven record of success. What set SABIS® apart from other options was a focus on mathematics, English and German, a robust academic monitoring system, high expectations and accountability for students and staff, and strong social and environmental responsibility through the Student Life Organization®. And so, the collaboration between ISF and SABIS® began.

Digitalization in focus

SABIS® provides ISF with a solid and reliable education system in many aspects, from the curriculum aligned with German and state of Hesse requirements, lesson content and books, and professional development services for teaching staff to name just a few.

One area that has really made SABIS®, and thereby ISF, stand out in 2020 is the dedication to utilizing digitalization to improve learning. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic and online learning became a topic for schools, SABIS® invested time and resources into software systems to enhance learning, raise efficiency and improve standards, computerized academic monitoring and automated reports, and an abundance of digital content to engage students in their lessons.

Interactive whiteboards were introduced into ISF classrooms in 2009 and within 5 years every classroom was equipped with one. These interactive smartboards allow teachers to offer the wealth of digital e-learning content created by SABIS® based on decades of investment, research and development. This content includes interactive online lessons, animations, audio recordings and on-demand tutoring videos, so it’s not just a question of rolling out yesterday’s lesson plan via Zoom or MS Teams, but creating new content for engaged modern learning.

SLO® – the life and soul of the school

Another highlight of SABIS® which certainly deserves celebrating is the Student Life Organization® (SLO®). This student-led mini-society can be found throughout SABIS® schools worldwide and empowers students to get involved in the day-to-day experience at their school. It offers countless academic, social, and emotional benefits for everyone involved, preparing students for life in a way that beautifully compliments their academic lessons.

Over the last 25 years, the contributions that SLO® has made to life at ISF are too numerous to count, from planning athletic activities and social events; organizing community service projects; and producing the school yearbook.

Right now SLO® are working on lots of ways to celebrate our 25th anniversary, getting students and staff involved, keeping spirits up… but more on that in a later issue!

Look out for the next issue of Celebrating 25 years of ISF! Coming next: the wonderful ISF Staff.


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