Another Successful Bundesjugendspiele at ISF

Another Successful Bundesjugendspiele at ISF On Friday June 2nd the Bundesjugendspiele (Federal Youth Games) were held for the second time at ISF. 

Bundesjugendspiele are held annually at most schools in Hessen. After the successful implementation last year with grades 1 to 4, we decided to add Grade 5 this year. These games focus on track and field disciplines and healthy sports and were jointly organized by PN, SLO, SV and the PE Department. During the morning all students from grades 1 to 5 had the opportunity to try out their skills at four different stations with throwing, short and long distance running, and jumping. As a “fifth station” SLO had ordered a huge bouncy castle which was also on the playing field and the classes were keen to try it out during their breaks.
Students could earn a maximum of 15 points at each station, so overall they could collect 60 points. 6 students achieved a very high score of 54 points: Grade 2: Marc R., Grade 3: Ryan J., Grade 4: Mateus L. and Grade 5: Nick F., Nickolas H. and Maximilian H.

After the lunch break certificates for the three best students in each class were handed out by our School Director, Mr Slesser. Later in the homerooms every student who participated received a certificate with their individual number of points.
In the afternoon students could try out some team games which were prepared by the PE teachers, play on the playground or hang out under the trees or in the sports cafeteria on some mattresses. As we had wonderful sunny weather on that day a lot of students took the opportunity of having a rest after their active morning.

We could not have had such a successful day without the tremendous support of our 44 parents from PN who did a great job helping us. We would like to thank all of the parents involved who helped make this an exceptional day for our students. In particular we would like to recognize the hard work of Ms. Slavik and Ms. Liedtke. We would also like to thank G1-5 teachers, the PE teachers, the SV helpers, the SLO office, the coordinators Ms. Jarque and Ms. Srivastava and last but not least our Hausmeister.

As this event has proven to be so successful, it will now be a permanent fixture in our school year.
ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main

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