An Enjoyable Day Out at ISF Sommerfest

An Enjoyable Day Out at ISF Sommerfest

Our annual Sommerfest took place in May. Parent Network and in particular our International Rep, Ms Scheuer, put in a lot of effort organising Taste of the World which was very successful. With 11 countries selling traditional food, visitors were able to sample culinary delicacies from around the world. All of the countries, as well as Parent Network and their helpers, put in a lot of work. The countries were very creative in their dishes and nearly all of the countries were sold out in the afternoon. We very lucky to have such beautiful weather on the day and visitors very much enjoyed being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

This year the PE Department and ISF Sportverein organised various sporting activities as well as the obstacle course which is always very popular with the younger children.

The library had a book sale and close to the library visitors could also view the displays from grade 3 and 4 students who worked very hard to present their Ancient Egypt and Aztec projects in the form of an exhibition.

Talent Show

ISF has talent! Special thank you to all of our wonderfully talented performers in this year’s competition!

Talent Show Performers:

Sai C., Dharini P., Defeshi J., Seohyeon H., Joelle S., Bash L., 2nd grade Indian Dance Troupe, Hyunseo C., Scarlatta M., Haven D., Anna M., Axl L., Krishaanth Ra., Snigda G., Shriya B., Siyona D.


1st Place- Shriya B.; Indian Dance

2nd Place- Dharini P.; Indian Dance

3rd Place- Hyunseo C., Piano solo

Thank you to our Backstage Coordinator: Vince Campana, student helpers, and to our hard working judging panel: Mr. Parkess, Ms Parkess, and  Ms Levesque

Numerous families bought raffle tickets for the tombola and we managed to raise €330 for the Kenya project. The Marketing Department also gave away some gym bags bearing the ISF logo.

We would like to thank Parent Network as well as our parents, staff and students who supported us at Sommerfest. Special thanks goes to Ms Scheuer who spent many hours coordinating Taste of the World with the participating countries.

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