2022 ASMA Math Contest: The result are in!

Congratulations! Three of our students achieved the Highest Student Scores for 2021-2022 in the global ASMA Math Competition. We are all so proud of this amazing achievement!

And the winers are...
A big applause goes to Jeongjoo Lim, Grade 11, who got top score in the Senior Division, and Angela (Runtian) Chen, Grade 9, and Rishabh Agarwal, Grade 7, who got top score in the Junior Division.

Our school also won the first place overall in the Final Placement Awards for Schools in School Year 2021-2022 in both divisions.

A special thank you goes to Ana Martin Martin for your contributions and leadership in realizing these fantastic outcomes and for improving student achievement.

Looking forward to next year!

Many thanks to all those students who spent 35 minutes of their valuable time showing their love for mathematics joining these contests! Looking forward to ASMA 2022-2023 - good news! ISF will be taking part again!

The American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) is an annual worldwide school team competition for Middle and High School. With the aim of making math fun, the competition is split into two divisions, Senior and Junior. In each division there are six contests that take place monthly from November to April, and in each contest students have to answer seven questions with the use of a calculator. All this adds up to 35 minutes of math fun for our students every month.

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