Parent Network

Parent Network


The ISF Parent Network (PN) operates on a voluntary basis, promoting social activities and services that support the ISF school community. The main aims of PN are to facilitate open communication between parents and the school, help newcomers settle into their new environment, bring together parents from diverse cultures and languages, and help facilitate the organization of social activities for parents and children.

The PN is comprised of elected PN board members, Class Representatives, and Country Representatives, who are able to welcome newcomers in their mother tongue. PN communicates with parents via E-mail and through the monthly PN Newsletter. The PN holds regular “Casual Coffee” information meetings in the school cafeteria as well as Parent Orientation meetings during the first week of school.

 The Parent Network Board meets regularly with the School Director to discuss matters of general interest to the parents. This channel of communication and dialogue is important and constructive.

There are many opportunities for parents to contribute to enhancing their child's experience at ISF.  Some of these opportunities include helping with the SABIS Student Life Organization®, volunteering in the library, participating in the Sportverein ISF (Sports Club), and/or getting involved with music/drama productions. Parents can also participate in various school events, festivals, and field trips. English or German conversation groups also take place depending on demand and availability.

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