University Counselling

University Counselling

At ISF, students are prepared to meet the requirements of the most demanding universities in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Germany, Europe, Korea, and Japan.

ISF students are often accepted to the most competitive universities around the world including universities in the U.K. Russell Group, the U.S. Ivy League, and Seoul National and KAIST in Korea.

Our Team of Counsellors

Critical to the success of our students is the work of our dedicated and highly-skilled team of university counsellors.

Our team includes three specialist advisors for the U.K., the U.S., and Germany. Our Korean and Japanese students also receive specialist advice from ISF Korean and Japanese staff.


Our university counselling begins in Grade 9.  The ISF counselling team administers general interest surveys and engages students in dicussions about their career interests. These discussions lead to more detailed talks about the subjects the students may wish to study at university and the countries in which they may wish to study. Parents are also involved at this stage. Students are then asked to carry out guided research and discuss their findings with our counsellors.

Under the close guidance of ISF staff, our Grade 11 students begin to become more precise about their university options. We consider the interests and academic performance of each student, and we agree on a range of suitable universities in the various countries desired. Further guided research is carried out and summer courses for our students may be recommended by our staff.

At the beginning of Grade 12, ISF students begin to make their university applications under the very close supervision of our university counseling staff. At this stage, our students very often apply to universities in several different countries, the U.K., U.S. and Germany being the most popular with the Netherlands, Japan and Korea also attracting interest.

In many cases, this is an evolving process informed by each student’s academic progress and closely monitored by the counselling staff. ISF students and their parents have ready access to members of the counselling team and can request an appointment at any time.

Successful ISF Students

ISF is committed to helping students meet the admissions requirements for universities around the world.

We are delighted to say that the majority of our graduates gain admission to their first choice universities. This is testament not only to our graduates' academic and personal achievements, but to the high quality of the counselling they receive from our university counselling staff.

The success of the ISF University Counselling Department’s work is apparent from the list of colleges and universities that have accepted our graduates.  Currently, we have students studying at some of the world’s leading universities including Imperial College London, LSE, UCL, and the universities of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and Durham in the U.K. In the U.S., destinations include the universities of Pennsylvania and Yale (Ivy League), the University of Colorado – Boulder and Northeastern University. In Korea, we have students at KAIST and Seoul National University, while in Germany several of our students are studying at the Technische Universität in Munich. Others are continuing their education at institutions in Frankfurt, Berlin, and Hamburg.

ISF School Profile

Please see our School Profile for university destinations and academic results.

  U.K. Application Process

The application process for U.K. universities is carried out through a central agency called the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). As part of this process, the student writes a personal statement and the school provides a reference and academic data.  Critical to success in UCAS is the student's personal statement and the school reference. The first is written by the student in very close collaboration with our U.K. University Counsellor. The school reference is written by the university counsellor, who works very closely with class teachers to produce the most positive reference possible.

Applications to Oxford and Cambridge and for medicine are treated in a different way.  A personal interview in the U.K. is standard as part of these applications and students work closely with our university counsellors to prepare for the interview. 

  U.S. Application Process

For the U.S., there is a Common Application (Common App) process available for a number of colleges; however, most ISF students apply individually to the college or university of their choice.  The ISF High School Diploma is approved by the U.S. State Department and all U.S. colleges use this diploma as the foundation for their selection process and will look closely at the student's Grade Point Average (GPA). Most colleges will also require SAT or ACT scores, and ISF students are able to take these examinations at the school.

Central to success in the U.S. college application process, particularly in the most competitive schools, is the personal essay that the student has to submit.  Students work in close consultation with our U.S. College Counsellor on their essay.  The U.S. College Counsellor also works closely with class teachers on the necessary student recommendations.

Several Ivy League universities have local German representatives who are asked to carry out initial interviews in Frankfurt. We offer our students extensive help, guidance, and practice in preparation for their interview.

  German University Application Process

For applicants to German universities, the ISF German University Counsellor works with students to ensure that they put together a suitable academic dossier with transcripts and qualifications to match the requirements of any particular university. In the past, German universities were interested solely in the level of the academic qualification of any applicant, but increasingly German universities call applicants for an interview, and in this case, we offer our students help, guidance, and practice in this process.

  Korean Application Process

Students who apply to Korean universities need to put together a very extensive dossier comprising academic and other achievements. They also have to submit personal statements and recommendations from their teachers and sometimes from the School Director. This process is supervised and coordinated by the ISF Korean language teacher who travels to Korea regularly and meets with university admission tutors so that she is always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

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